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Our Mission

PearlGlo’s mission is to make premium skin care products using only certified organic ingredients for a safer, purer world.

How are we diferent?

PearlGlo specialises in the research and development of certified organic skin, hair and personal care products for everyone. We hold Certified Organic Licenses with the Organic Food Chain who accredits our system with the National Organic Standards of Australia and other international organic certification standards. PearlGlo’s passion is to produce and deliver premium, safe and effective certified organic products to all of our customers.

For our vast range of beauty care products we source only certified organic raw materials that are quickly absorbed into the body to promote health and longevity. We commit ourselves daily to ensure that only the best ingredients are used in our ever-improving formulas.

We believe in open, transparent and continuous communication with all of our stakeholders including dermatologists, scientists, farmers and customers to ensure that our products and services are uniquely able to meet the needs of each and every one of our valued clients.

Why Certified Organic?

Many companies label their products with words such as “Natural”. However these so-called “Natural” products lack regulation and can still contain artificial preservatives, pesticides and chemicals. At PearlGlo we embrace Certified Organic standards to ensure our ingredients come from farms that use Mother Nature’s fresh soil, natural pest control and no genetically modified crops, giving PearlGlo ‘certified organic’ the truer meaning of ‘natural’:


The soil of Certified Organic ingredients is managed through crop rotations and the use of green manure crops, compost, and natural mineral products to maintain natural soil fertility not artificial fertilisers which are extremely harmful to the environment. Further, a Cornell University study, Soil Erosion: A Food and Environmental threat, found that soil erosion causes flooding, drought and excess dust – a major cause of air pollution in our cities. When you buy our certified organic products you are supporting sustainable farming, which in turn preserves fossil fuels and reduces these global warming impacts.

Pest Control

To be Certified Organic, managing plant health is vital – pesticides and herbicides are prohibited throughout the entire planting process. Instead, plant health is maintained through careful planning, suitable crop rotations and mechanical and natural methods of pest and weed control. Studies have shown that pesticides, because they are poisonous, can cause neurological problems, cancer, vomiting, diarrhoea, allergies, asthma and genetic defects in people who come into contact with them. What’s worse, pesticides linger in the human body for years. Results from Environmental Working Group (EWG) notes that chemicals, pesticides and pollutants cross the placenta creating health risks for babies. Many previous studies have already linked pesticides to infertility, low birth weight, birth defects and ongoing developmental problems. It’s only natural that parents choose certified organic food and skincare to help protect their children from these risks.


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are strictly prohibited at every stage of production.

PearlGlo sources its Certified Organic products from certified organic farms that are committed to GMO-free cropping.

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